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Created on 14-01-2022


Picking a sofa for your living room is one of the significant choices as your making an interest in your home. You may think you know what sort of a sofa you want, however when you peruse and check pictures on the web, there are a wide scope of choices accessible which may place you in an indistinct circumstance. Sofa is a significant motivation to set up harmony in the room. The following are a couple of choices which may assist you with picking the best sofa for your living room:


There are various types of sofas out of which the most famous ones are:


  • Chesterfield – This kind of couch comes from the mid eighteenth century. The plan turned out to be very famous during Queen Victoria's rule where furniture was being made for need of solace over work. It came from England and are normally utilized in traditional homes as it meets their requirements best. This plan has been rethought constantly whether upholstered in rich leather or designed material.

Chesterfield sofa by EVOTIQUE


  • Daybeds – They have been around since Egyptian's, Greek's and Roman occasions. They can offer agreeable and loosening up seating and are accessible in sled style, Victorian, mission style and some more. Day beds incorporates styles with complicated carvings which praises customary and formal looks. They are generally utilized in spare rooms or work spaces yet can likewise be utilized as a side day bed alongside couch in lounge.

Daybed by EVOTIQUE


  • Tuxedo – It was designed in 1920s and the name gets from classy town of Tuxedo Park in New York. It is a result of the art deco period. This couch has an extraordinary quality as it has equivalent stature of its back and arms. A tuxedo couch style won't ever become unpopular, it is more reasonable for a proper seating for example home and office. Tuxedo couches can be alluring when assembled will adore seats, beds and seats.


Tuxedo sofa by EVOTIQUE


  • Mid-century modern – It portrays design and furniture from the center of twentieth century. This style left pattern in by the last part of the 60s and started to return in right on time to mid80s. Straightforward, useful wooden pieces produced using teak and curved design plans ruled. Rosewood and oak were other normally utilized woods. This plan is established in usefulness, effortlessness and clean lines and is significantly more straight forward in nature.

Mid-Century sofa by EVOTIQUE


  • Loveseat – It appeared in late seventeenth century and was made of wood with no upholstery. This was initially intended for two individuals and fits in little places with appealing textures and leather. The two individuals for whom it was planned was a woman and her dress. Sounds interesting yet its actual as in the Victorian period, women use to put their dresses on this couch. The name loveseat created and took on a heartfelt viewpoint. Open air loveseats are as yet well known as a piece of outdoor seating.

Loveseat by EVOTIQUE




  • STYLE THAT COMPLEMENTS YOUR ROOM – MODERN, TRADITIONAL AND CONTEMPORARY are the three significant styles remembered while settling on a decision.
  1. MODERN – if there should arise an occurrence of more modest spaces, this style is the most ideal choice as it has basic plans, angular lines and firm seats.
  2. TRADITIONAL – This style comes from explicit culture and period that includes a great deal of prints and brilliant tones for the most part red, yellow and blue. Such sorts of couches are the style setting and an assertion piece in itself.
  3. CONTEMPORARY – This style is the most secure decision as it fits with any sort of stylistic theme. It has clean lines and milder seats. It typically comprises of blacks, whites and neutrals.


  • CHOOSE APPROPRIATE SIZE – While settling on the fitting size of the couch, many elements ought to be thought about as a couch should cover around two-third of the whole room's space. You additionally need to pick remembering the shape and size of your room. Assuming that you're hoping to put the couch at a point of convergence in the family room, search for adjusted couch shapes as it gives added seating than expected.


  • ACCURATE UPHOLSTERY AND COLOR – The decision of upholstery texture will significantly affect the room depending shadings, neutrals and examples picked. Light or dim shaded couches ought to be picked keeping the deck into thought. Neutrals are one the most secure decisions as they coordinate with the style of your home for a more extended run. It is critical to pick a solid material as you are putting resources into a sofa and you don't need it to be exhausted soon. Toughness of material contrasts from each other. Cotton, leather and microfiber are the strongest textures for upholstered sofa.


  • BUDGET - Exploring and understanding the distinctive material choices can assist you with tracking down a piece of sofa worth your money. Linen is supposed to be the costliest texture as it is taken from flax plant and handled to made as the most lavish texture. Synthetics and cotton are the front most reasonable textures.


  • MAINTAINANCE - Assuming cleaning sofa texture consistently is your need, select of an effectively launderable texture like cotton. Leather, faux leather or polyester are such materials which are minimal expense support. They can oppose spills and stains and can be cleaned without any problem. Assuming you have pets, try not to utilize fragile textures like softened leather, silk or any textures with surfaces. The most pet friendly textures are synthetic and woven textures. Assuming you are sensitive to dust, dirt and pet hair, faux suede will be the most ideal choice.


  • COMFORT - Industrial foam is typically 20-30 thickness foam which is by and large lower in cost than contrasted with lux foam of 40-50 thickness which is on the very good quality side and is considered as probably the best sort of foam. Few of the great foam brands are restolex and sleepwell.


  • HEIGHT OF ARMS – Alongside the size and upholstery, the stature and look of armrests is additionally vital. The stature of the armrests is straightforwardly corresponding to the solace one gets. Stature of the arms ought to be picked by the need not simply founded on looks. Assuming your armrests are excessively high or excessively low, it probably won't be agreeable to sit and incline toward it. So a medium heighted armrest is best favored choice by many.


  • ADDED ELEMENTS – Recliners can be an extra back help and are truly agreeable. This can be picked dependent on close to home prerequisites. You can likewise add not many enhancing metal or creator material on your armrests. Wooden plates are likewise an additional component on armrests as they are valuable in keeping things on them.



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14th January, 2022