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Flared Shift Dress

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Created on 11-01-2022


At Evotique, we provide a wide range of services from ideation, designing, execution

and final closure! We create beautiful interiors designed to bring function and value

to your home while helping you define your personal style. We collaborate with you,

understand your needs and transform your space with our signature detailing.



It is difficult to find right people who have the capability to understand and execute the design. Bringing them together to implement the design can be quite a task as one contractor cannot start their work before the other finishes. So turnkey solutions ensures that one contractor manages and controls the entire design project from start to finish hence reducing the work and stress involvement of different professionals.

Making homes is like a breeze when you partner with Evotique as we provide hassle free solutions. The design industry is evolving each day and it is getting difficult to find the right people for your requirements. We take care of all your requirements and issues by ensuring appropriate solutions and execution. If you have a dream home, it is here where you can fulfil your dream.



The Evotique - Home Décor Store is a collection of furniture, art and décor. Each piece of furniture is made by high professional craftsman. The interiors of our store help in enhancing the design we curate it. Every piece that we create in house has either been handpicked or built from scratch, with having the vision of getting through the finest details and elements. Drop by our furniture store in Bangalore and enjoy the aesthetics of our space.



Curation and creation is our forte. We create and execute the custom-made pieces, specifically that fit to the requirements and styles of your space. We have highly skilled artisans who are here to customize all your designs and requirements. References and images of your design choices can also be executed along with addition of new and unique designs. Our team of designers will be closely involved at every stage with clients so they have an amazing experience.