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Created on 05-01-2022


Whenever you look for any piece of furniture, you analyze the products with an imaginary design and budget in your mind. Here are a few reasons why do people prefer solid wood furniture compared to other materials.


Reasons why people prefer solid wood furniture:


  • SUSTAINABILITY – Solid wood is light weight along with being strong and durable. When wood is treated correctly, for instance, wooden furniture, will last for a lifetime. Wood absorbs heat and creates a naturally warmer environment being the main factor why cooler regions use wood. Also, an added reason is solid wood requires less energy to heat it which is gentle to the environment.

Tv unit by EVOTIQUE 


  • THE 4R’s – Wood can be RECYCLED, REUSED, REPAIRED AND RESTORED. Solid wood can be recycled and reused which can be repaired and restored to unique piece of furniture. The 4R’s make solid wood preferred by many today as wooden furniture can be used by longer than other materials.

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  • ASSET VALUE – Solid wood has a high resale or market value because of its features. Solid wood never goes out of trend and is always preferred by customers. Because of its durability and elegance, you will always find buyers for your solid wood products.

Accent chair by EVOTIQUE


  • FLEXIBILITY – You can customize the solid wood into any piece of furniture you need, for instance, coffee table, bar stool, accent chair, consoles and many more. You also get a wide range of colors as solid wood can be painted to desired colors. Solid wood can be easily combined with other products to get a beautiful outcome. The probabilities and options are un-ending in this material.

Side table by EVOTIQUE


  • MAINTAINANCE – The quality and beauty of such furniture, can be easily maintained. A cloth or tissue paper is recommended to keep such furniture dust free. This furniture can be rough used because it has a good stability, no bending or deforming.


Sideboard by EVOTIQUE


  • OILING OF WOOD – Dry wooden furniture is recommended to be oiled because sometimes the surface of the furniture is dry and rough. Linseed/flaxseed oil is used because it saturates deep inside wood grains to protect it against weather changes and scratches. The oiling can be done when the wood looks dry or rough. After oiling the furniture, it has an elegant look making the furniture aesthetic back to its original look.

Coffee table by EVOTIQUE



Sapna and Aashika

6th January, 2022